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Billy Elliot the Musical is coming to the Majestic Theater San Antonio. Winner of 10 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Billy Elliot the Musical has captured the heart of Broadway and taken the town by storm. Find all the inside scoop, tickets, show times, the music, the cast and everything ‘Billy.’

Majestic Theater San Antonio

Billy Elliot the Musical at the Majestic Theater San Antonio

Billy Elliot the Musical Reviews

Electric, Passionate, Exhilarating - Time OutBest gift from Britain since Harry Potter - New York PostBreathtakingly brilliant.. the talent staggering - Liz SmithBilly Elliot sends audiences into a mass swoon.. Intoxicating, Knock-em-dead sequences - New York TimesBilly Elliot is a joyous, feel-good celebration that challenges us to take out our forgotten dreams and dust them off as we step into the world of an 11 year old boy following his passion and making his dreams come true.

Billy Elliot at the Majestic Theater San Antonio

Billy Elliot the Musical is based on the critically acclaimed feature film, 'BILLY ELLIOT' by the movie’s original creative team, director Stephen Daldry, choreographer Peter Darling and writer Lee Hall.

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Music legend Elton John writes the Billy Elliot music in what can only be described as "His best score yet!" by the New York Post.

Billy Elliot the Musical Story

Set amid a working class neighborhood in northern London, Billy Elliot the Musical is a story of how a young 11 year old boy overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds to go against the norm and pursue his dream to dance.

The musical takes place during England’s 1984 Miners Strike when tensions are high and violence is a common occurrence among the miners.

Billy’s father and brother are themselves, union miners caught up in the strife of the times. When Billy stumbles upon a dancing school while in route to a boxing match, and discovers a love for dancing he never knew existed, he obviously doesn’t solicit the approval of his family.

And aside from seeking his family's acceptance, Billy is in need of financial support during a time of dire uncertainty and financial burdens that his family suffers due to the strike..

Billy Elliot the Musical is a tale of how a young boy’s dream is bigger than his current circumstance.. and how a family’s love transcends their doubts and propels them to accept what they can’t understand.

Perhaps the real draw to Billy Elliot the Musical, is the desire in all of us, to pursue our dreams... with the love and support from the ones we love the most.

Billy Elliot Music at Majestic Theater San Antonio

Lyrics, soundtracks and behind the scenes scoop on Billy Elliot the Musical’s Music.. Electricity, The Stars Look Down, Expressing Yourself, Dear Billy and more..

The Billy Elliot music was written by the infamous Sir Elton John and the book and lyrics by Lee Hall who also wrote the film's screenplay.

Billy Elliot – Electricity

Perhaps the most popular and sought after song in the lineup is Billy Elliot’s ‘Electricity’ where Billy describes the liberating thrill of his desire to dance.. A heartwarming song of yearning dreams that lifts the soul to possibilities, the lyrics sweep us along with: ‘Electricity sparks inside of me and I’m free, I’m free..’

In the Billy Elliot musical Act II, the Royal Ballet School admissions panelist asks Billy Elliot to explain what it feels like when he's dancing and Billy replies.. "It was like forgetting, losing who you are. . .like electricity, electricity!"

Billy Elliot – Electricity inside ScoopElton John’s Electricity became one of his biggest solo hits in the 2000s due in part to some clever marketing. An Elton John competition was created where fans could send a text message including an answer to the question and then receive a download of the track.. Over 75% of the Electricity sales were downloads which tremendously helped Elton John’s, Billy Elliot – Electricity, soar to the top of the charts..

Billy Elliot – Electricity Lyrics

Electricity Music by Elton John, Electricity Lyrics by Lee Hall

I can't really explain it, I haven't got the wordsIt's a feeling that you can't controlI suppose it's like forgetting, losing who you areAnd at the same time something makes you whole

It's like that there's a music, playing in your earAnd I'm listening, and I'm listening, and then I disappear

And then I feel a change, like a fire deep insideSomething bursting me wide open, impossible to hideAnd suddenly I'm flying, flying like a birdLike Electricity, electricitySparks inside of me, and I'm free, I'm free

It's a bit like being angry; it's a bit like being scaredConfused and all mixed up and mad as hellIt's like when you've been cryingAnd you're empty and you're fullI don't know what it is, it's hard to tell

It's like that there's some music, playing in your earBut the music is impossible, impossible to hear

But then I feel it move meLike a burning deep insideSomething bursting me wide openImpossible to hideAnd suddenly I'm flyingFlying like a birdLike Electricity, electricitySparks inside of meAnd I'm free, I'm free

Electricity sparks inside of meAnd I'm free, I'm freeOh, I'm free

this song will absolutely, positively move you! :)