San Antonio Opera: Don Giovanni at Lila Cockrell Theater

San Antonio Opera: Don Giovanni - Lila Cockrell Theater Feb 17 - 19, 2012

A great way to celebrate your weekend will be to see an opera. For one full weekend in San Antonio, we have a chance to witness one of the greatest opera ever done - Don Giovanni at the Lila Cockrell Theater.

Did you know that Don Giovanni, the opera, is the 7th most-performed opera in the whole wide world – this is based on “Operabase” list. This show shouldn’t and cannot be missed!

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Personally, I have always been a fan of operas. Know why? I just love that this artwork is so expressive that even the words are in another language, you will still be able to understand what’s going on in all the scenes. You’ll find yourself to cry, laugh, and be afraid because operas, good ones that is, are powerful enough to actually bring about those feelings. And watching Don Giovanni, well, let’s just say that you have yourself a winner!

Who is Don Giovanni?

Don Giovanni is a young and extremely shameless man. Let’s just say that he has been known to be the ‘bad boy’ from the operas. This opera will show his womanizing days and how it will affect his way of life. Get ready to witness a lot of things – a murder, revenge, jealousy and well, hell. (Hey, that rhymed!)

Don Giovanni, the opera, is composed of two acts. The music for this opera is composed by ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’ – a very influential composer of classical music. Other famous operas by Mozart are “La clemenza di Tito”, “L'oca del Cairo” and “Zaide”.

The opera, Don Giovanni, has an Italian libretto / text written by ‘Lorenzo Da Ponte’ – an opera librettist from Venice. Don Giovanni is categorized as “opera buffa”. This is one category of operas that was first used as a way to describe Italian operas which include dramatic work of comic nature. Although, for Don Giovanni, be ready to witness a whole bunch of scenes – one with comedy, melodramatic plots and characters, and let’s not forget, the supernatural parts.

Did you know that Don Giovanni was first seen in ‘Teatro di Praga’, now called ‘Estates Theatre’, in 1787? Wow! That’s a long time for an opera. No wonder, it is considered as one of the greatest opera out there. It survived (still surviving) our era. And well, I have to say.

Don Giovanni – list of cast / roles

Stefano De Peppo – for the role of “Don Giovanni” – the young and well, inappropriate man

Hristo Sarafov – for the role of “Leporello”, Don Giovanni’s servant

Meliangee Perez/Melody Alesi – for the role of “Donna Anna”

Hilda Ramos/Viara Zhelezova – for the role of “Donna Elvira”

Fabian Robles/Mario Chang – for the role of “Don Ottavio”

Plamen Dimitrov – for the role of “Masetto” (a peasant)

Snejana Dramtcheva – for the role of “Zerlina” (Masetto’s bride-to-be)

William Powers/Dimiter Stantchev – for “Commendatore”

This opera, Don Giovanni, has proven to have a huge cultural influence and will be magnificent at Lila Cockrell Theater. It has inspired a lot philosophers and writers through the years.

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