Majestic Theater San Antonio Blue Man Group Feb. 2012

The Majestic Theater San Antonio presents the ever exciting Blue Man Group to perform live Feb. 21-26, 2012. It's one of our favorite shows and to see this performance at the Majestic San Antonio is such a treat.

If you are up for a night of comedy, some rockin’ music and over the top multimedia theatrics, then prepare to be thrilled.

Blue Man Group is an organization created by three people – Matt Goldman, Chris Wink and Phil Stanton – in 1987. This group is known for its avant-garde shows full of music, performance art, innovation with a touch of comedy.

Blue Man group at the Majestic Theater San Antonio

The group’s performances usually star three people (Blue Men) with blue skin. Well, not literally. Of course, they are only covered with blue grease paint. And when the paint is on – the character is on.

These men definitely stay on character whenever they have the ‘make-up’ on. Since they are ‘silent’ people when performing, they will not speak to the audience while on character even after shows. If you want an autograph from them, expect something more of a blue smudge paint rather than a signed “Hey, how you doing? Love, Blue Man Group”.

To see then at the Majestic San Antonio should be a great afternoon or evening of entertainment.

Blue Man Group is known to perform using different materials like PVC pipes and other unusual things to make something musical. You will be amazed on what they can come up with. Also, before, when you show them something from the modern technology like for example, a mobile phone, they will just look at it – simply wondering. But then again, that was before. Blue Man Group’s recent shows included some current technology intended at the modern generation. The generation of ‘GiPads’. Go figure.

If you have seen Blue Man Group pre-GiPads, you will definitely be excited for their upcoming shows at the Majestic Theater San Antonio.. It will surely be awesome knowing that these ever-curious blue men get to handle the touch screen techs. And touch screen – well, let’s just say each one now has his own live size GiPad. LOL No, I'm not explaining that. You have to go and see for yourself!

Blue Man Group, over the years, perform in a number of different themes. Some of these themes are about ‘information overload and information pollution’, ‘innocence’ (like they appear to be), ‘the outsider’, ‘science and technology’ (most famous, I believe, among the themes), and rooftops.

Blue Man Group’s CDs and DVDs - Not many ‘albums’ – some of them were limited editions. Others were out-of-print releases. Their very first album titled ‘Audio’ which was released in 1999. Second full length album released by them is ‘The Complex’ (2003). This album received 4-stars rating from professional music critiques. The group was able to release live albums as well – ‘The Complex Rock Tour Live’ in 2003 and ‘How to Be a Megastar Live!’ in 2008.

Being one-of-a-kind performers, the group was able to receive a lot of recognitions and awards as well. Most notable awards were from Drama Desk Award in 1992 (Unique Theatrical Experience) and from Off Broadway Alliance Awards in 2011 (Audience Choice Award for Best Long-Running Show).

Blue Man Group certainly WOWs the crowd when they perform and we're sure they won't disappoint at the Majestic San Antonio, TX. They have received a lot of very good reviews over time. One of the most notable reviews given to them mentioned that they (the group) were really amazing and that the whole family (with kids) had enjoyed the show immensely – and the kids were even asking for more…

Blue Man Group tickets at the Majestic San Antonio will must likely sell out because they are a pretty hot act. So if you see seats and prices you like, we encourage you to make your purchase before they’re gone..

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